ROSA & LEO, Bats Theatre Company, February 4-6, 2022, AUSTRALIA
ROSA & LEO,  PlayZoomers, Pairings Festival, February 18-19, 2022, USA
SLOW DATING, Hindsight 2022 Short Play Festival at Left Edge Theatre, February 19-27, USA 
ROSA & LEO + SLOW DATING, Santa Cruz Actors’ Theatre, ten-minute play contest and festival,  “8 tens @ 8”, February 2022 – Live performances cancelled, recorded shows “on demand”, USA 
TWO PSYCHICS MEET ON TINDER, Winner of Judges Choice Week 3 and selected for the finals of Short+Sweet Finals, Sydney, March 31, 2022, AUSTRALIA
SERIOUSLY, REALLY OUR PARENTS ARE WHAT!?, LAB Theatre Project’s LAB Laughs, June 9-26, 2022, USA
ONE NIGHT STAN, ACT 1 Theater, 2022, USA
ONE NIGHT STAN, West Hudson Arts & Theater Co., One Act Festival, 2022, USA
STINKIEST THING, Show Face Festival, 2022, UK

ROSA & LEO + SLOW DATING, Hand to Mouth Sound Theatre Podcast, 2022, UK

JAKE’S ROOM, Single Player Mode Monologue Night, Two Player Game Productions, 2022, UK

FAIRIES, Small Roads Festival, 2022, IRELAND
ONE NIGHT STAN, One Act Play FestivalFranklin Players, 2022, SOUTH AFRICA