Slow Dating

“Sometimes an actor is described as being a triple threat – the perfect type of actor – well, without a shadow of a doubt Slow Dating is the triple threat of the play world. This play has it all, an awesome script, a superb actor and fantastic direction” Londontheatre1

“Slow Dating both made me laugh out loud and broke my heart” Picuki

“A rhapsodic tour de force so passionate and emotionally close to the bone it prompted one audience member to reflexively exclaim, “Bravo!” when she finished Mr. Szudrich’s beautifully written, heart-breaking yet liberating soliloquy about a 70-something woman looking for a dignified way to move on with her life” Broadway World

“Writer Adam Szudrich takes a truly hilarious, unique situation and makes it totally tangible, which – when combined with a stunning performance from Tessa Hatts – had the audience laughing heartily right up to the bittersweet twist at the end” Arthur’s Seat

“For the second time, my personal favourite was written by Adam Szudrich. Slow Dating sees an elderly lady try speed dating with very unexpected consequences, not only was the writing superb, Tessa Hatts performance was gloriously funny and pitch perfect” Theatre Weekly 

“If I had to choose, ‘Slow Dating’ by Adam Szudrich would be my favorite piece” Patch 

“Adam Szudrich‘s piece is so dextrously written, it expertly contrasts the prudish and sentimental nature of the character, with the giddy sensation of a whirlwind romance and sends this 70-something on vital journey of self-discovery” Ask the Ushers 

“Enlightening, inspiring and also a little sad. I really enjoyed this performance, the story it tells about love, lonliness, desires and new experiences” Planet Nation

“Heaps of laughter, perfectly paced and the forever memorable, quite delicious and delightful dialogue was expertly delivered. A crowd please” Sydney Arts Guide

“Slow Dating by Adam Szudrich, a stand-out performance of the night, which saw Nicole Smith monologue a clever encounter at a speed-dating event that instigates a reflection on her marriage” Nightwrites

“Audiences were interested in this piece from beginning to end, with one even saying it was the best monologue he’d ever seen” Luke’s Rant

“Slow Dating is a finely nuanced script fully realised by fine acting and sensitive direction” Dykie Girl

“It’s a beautiful script and an exceptional performance and the marriage of the two takes us on a journey that we will remember for a long time to come” Theatre Review

“This is a beautifully written monologue with the subtle and yet mighty performance of Wendy Fischer. I’ll never forget the line, and the way she said it: “As this tornado of guilt inside my head loses its breath, I let go…I let go… I let go” London Pub Theatres

“Expect to laugh out loud at some of her encounters with a variety of dapper and not so dapper gentlemen as the taxi drives through only green lights. Her performance is outstanding, transporting you to another time, another era, of love and romance” Buzzmarketing